Traditional Georgian B2+ Traditional Georgian B2+
We want to introduce you to our hardworking students who eagerly continue their studies in Georgian Language. They covered Traditional Georgian B2 level and now they want to upgrade their knowledge by
Meet the Author Meet the Author
We want to introduce you to our student, Maria Baier D’Orazio. She dedicated her life to the researches, books and inspiration to many people. ”Language School” director, Professor Nana Shavtval
Traditional Georgian B1 Level Traditional Georgian B1 Level
📢📢📢Dear Friends,We`re opening a group for the Traditional Georgian B1 level.If you get interested, please, send an email or contact us on our Facebook page:
New Products New Products
Dear Friends,We want to announce about our new products which have recently been published. 1. In the Universe of Georgian Grammar - This guide is an outline of the major topics taught in Georgian cou
IWA and Georgian Language IWA and Georgian Language
We are proud of our director, professor Nana Shavtvaladze, sharing her knowledge and experience with the IWA members. She does free Georgian Language Conversational classes, where she explains the mai