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We want to express our pride of our students who dedicate their time and efforts to Georgian Language studying even during this terrible situation. We want to wish them good luck and successful learni
Basics for Argumentative Essay Writing Basics for Argumentative Essay Writing
არგუმენტირებული ესეს წერისთვის / Basics for Argumentative Essay WritingYou`re able to find the important features, which will lead you to write
International Book Day International Book Day
Today is the International Book Day and “Language School” congratulates you on this precious event! As Cicero said: “ A room without books is like a body without a soul.“ Let’s #st
Online Language Classes Online Language Classes
#stayathomeIf you want to gain more knowledge and improve your speaking, writing, reading or listening skills in Georgian, Russian or English languages, contact us and we`ll provide you with all the n
Online Language Classes for IWA Online Language Classes for IWA
Our director, Professor Nana Shavtvaladze, conducts free online language classes for IWA members. We follow the restrictions and offer you online classes in Georgian and Russian languages. #stayhealth